backup Outlook offline

Back up Outlook offline:

   Microsoft Outlook is the most useful mail managerment software,after several years,The mail becomes more and more vast,and the data base is also very huge, and also we do not need to read them usally,but we do not want to delete them,and it becomes a troublesome problem for many people.It will be a better selection to have a software with output outlook function with better browser,search,and mananerment.

   WizBrother company’s  Outlook2CHM is just the tool you want in outlook output, it can output outlook database to CHM files, CHM file is the  MICROSOFT defaut document format, you can open it in any windows system.CHM can also be used in the search system in windows.

Let’s do it now:


Step 1: download software:

Download latest verion:Outlook2CHM
click it to download.

Step 2:install software and start up:

Extract download file to local disk

Ensure you have installed one of Microsoft Outlook 2000,XP,2003 or 2007.start up Outlook2CHM.exe with following interface:

Step 3:seletion and setup:

After starting up software,It will automatically detect the Microsoft Outlook file as following picture,you can selct the files which do you want to backup(export).

Select 2 option in above picture,you can list the date and mail sent time, it can help to get better reading in the future.You can also setup documents parameter in following picture to help search option,it will help get better operation later.

Note:For the limitation of CHM,every file size must less than 2G,if your document exceed 2G, you can back up them,it will be better to make content backup, such as one backup one year.

Step 4:start back up

Click “start” and start back up.

Note:it will has safety warning when software operates the outlook,pls select allow access,and set up more time and then select yes to finish coverting.

After finish converting,you can manager your mail by CHM files,it supports Contents,Idex search,HTML saving and attachments saving.



1:In order to browser better in future,You can classify the mail to different contents and back separately. 
2:GMail、Hotmail,etc. web mail can open POP option, you can download them to local hard disk and then you can back up them with our tools.
Gmail Outlook receive maill setup:
HotmailOutlook receive maill setup:

Except Outlook2CHM,WizBrother company have  OutlookExpress2CHM、WindowMail2CHM、LiveMail2CHMmail backy up tools, they can back up Outlook Express,Windows Mail and Live Mail client mail to chm files.Back up your mail now!


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