Converter Mybase database to CyberArticle5 xbook database.

Convert Mybase to CyberArticle xbook 1.0-2009.4.26 community version

Converter Mybase database to CyberArticle5.2(or latest version)xbook database.

Basis  Software Environment requirement:

1.  Operating system:Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
2.  Intalled .Net FrameWork 2.0 or later version (Download:
3.  Installed CyberArticle 5.23 or later version  (Download:
4.  Recommnend to update mybase to V5.5(or latest version)(Download:
5.  Pls. use the files of “fix”to update the module of CyberArticle(Replace).(Read readme.txt in “fix” folder before update)

Feed back address:

Converting user step:
1. Select MyBase data(nyf file)
2. Click“Change to content”,convert “nyf” file to content tree.

3. select content tree you want to import in.
4. click “start converting”,and you it will generate a new xbook file.
5. it will spend more time when convert big size word document, pls wait patiently.


Necessary software:.Net FrameWork (Size:50K) install version
Official download:
China download:

Necessary software.Net FrameWork(Size: 9M)  Green verion(need not install)
Official download:
Official download:


Screen capture:

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