publish WordPress with cyberarticle plugin


you can publish your articles to wordPress with CyberArticle Plugin easily.

just used in WordPress 2.7, Pls. update related version

Pls. select attachments download

1、Setup WordPress system

Log in WordPress sytem managerment interface,click setup->write and then select start:”WordPress,Movable Type,MetaWeblog and  Blogger  XML-RPC publish protocol.

2、Download and install CyberArticle Blog publish plugin

download the attachment,and extract to any folder you want such as: e:\caplugins\

click start menu,sart and input

regsvr32 “e:\caplugins\BlogPublisher.dll”

register the plugin.

if your OS is Vista and started UAC function you should do some setups as following:

in explorer and open c:\windows\system32 cmd.exe and start cmd.exe, select “operate in administrators”,and iput command:

regsvr32 “e:\caplugins\BlogPublisher.dll” to finish regester.

3、Start CyberArticle and publish article

Select article of the tree content you want to publish in CyberArticle,and right click mouse, select “Advanced”->Publish to your Blog as following picture.

It will have a dialog as following

Server information:

  • Address:WordPress Blog home page,such
  • Port:80
  • User Name:your Blog name 
  • Password:your Blog password
  • Blog Sysrem:select WordPress only


  • Auto:Auto check the article publish status,if you have published it,it will update it,if not,it will publish to new one in blog.
  • New Post:Force to publish new blog.
  • Edit Post:Force editing published Blog,it will abort if blog does not exsist.


  • Limit images width:if picture size is very big,it just limits picture width(scaled down with equal ratio).
  • Category:The category information, you can input several categories with “,” separating them, if the catefory is not existing,the program will create it automaticly in Gategory content.

after setting up, and click “ok”,you article will be published to blog system. you can check detail error information when you meet error in CyberArticle Log file.


The plugin will publish attachments with list to blog system when publishes CyberArticle article.

The plugin can publish pictures only now,it can not support other formats such as:flash,video,music,CSS,etc.

It maybe can not cover the original picture when updates or re-upload article.

The merit than Live Write:When you edit the articles, you can paste the picture to HTML, and also get backup in local disk.


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