Save Mht under google chrome and safari

Google chrome is simple,brief and quick browser tool.

It gives more place to browser,it has no heading bar,no status bar and everything likes google homepage with brief style.

It still has stronge function with webkit core,v8 engine,multi process. it can  quickly start up,quickly browser,and quickly response.

As google web browser tool,we can blieve it will be more and more perfect in the efforts of goole engineers

For the limitation of safety,google chrome can not be extended by plug-in,it can be supported after official update version(beter and meliorative version),so it is very poor in the saving function,it can only save html format with lot of defects, such as can not save pages completely . 

Do you want to save to mht files(just one file) as IE(internet explorer)? or you want to use CyberArticle to save complete webpage and manage them.Even you want to save selection in the webpages.Sorry,the chrome can not do them now,and it has no plugin to support it.

But WizBrother company has perfectly solved it,2009.4.16,SaveAs Plus V1.2 can realize the function as above discription,it can can save the webpage to mht,zip format,Even,V1.3 can save dynamical webpage and also can save selection.

Use method:


Download latest softare after finish installing, SaveAs Plus tool will prepare download plug-in and you can use the toll by some port setup.


The chrome does not allow to modify the interface by third party,how to start plugin?

Save AS plus uses the Bookmark smartly to start some script to get current web contents and pass them to download tools to download it.

book mark setup way:

you can set up bookmark as following flash :

drag and drop

if chrome does not display the bookmark, you can disply bookmark in setup menu as following: Always show bookmarks bar


3:To use

Easy to use.

completely save:

Click bookmark “SAVE AS PLUS” after open web page.

you can find SAVE AS dialog window:

Select the save formats:html,mht or zip.

in the saving process, you can click save to see save progress.

after finish them, it will give reminder widnows as following.


To save the selection:

if you want to save what you select in the web page such as you do not want to save advertisements,you can select sav as plus bookmark:

open web page and select what you want to save.

click” SAVEAS PLUS ” and you can finish saving what you want.

Everything is simple,download and try it now.

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