three modes to stengthen Google Chrome and Apple Safari with SaveAs Plus

It has three modes to stengthen Google Chrome and Apple Safari with Save As Plus

To use chrome、safari open web page,it has three link as following:

What is the difference in the three modes:

It is determined by the saved method:

The First:“SAVE AS”

Save AS just passes the webpage URL to download tool,and then download it background with IE core.

So, it will be different in dynamical web page( mail,BBS,AJAX…) for the reason of re-open as we read in chrome .

you can find the compare of them in later parts.

The Second:“SAVE AS PLUS”

It gets Chrome webpage html content by script. it solves Frame problems and then passes the content to download tools,it can download all the picture resource by download tools as you see in webpage.

it can save what you see.


it likes second way,it just saves what you select without contents you do not want to use, such as,advertisement.

Compare of them in example:

Such as, browser google map, it is a typical AJAX page wih login-in information.and the language is English in chrome:

see web page language,gmail logon in information and loaction mark

The location of AJAX is wrong for re-downloading for different language and login in information.

The second:Perfect save

The Third: Save the selection part

Different way with different merits, and select the best one to fit you.


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